Episode 19

Published on:

18th Nov 2015

Tha Gatherin' - Rap About Magic: The Gathering

You read it correctly. At the risk of exposing more people to it than it deserves, we present: Tha Gatherin' - A Rap Group Exclusively based on Magic: The Gathering, the Collectible Card Game from the 90s, and unfortunately, today.

We explore theories as to why King Diamond sold out 3 nights in NYC, one of which we will be "covering".

Braindance is at Santos Party House, Saturday 11/21, and we will be there as well. Also Sebastian (lead singer of Braindance) accepts my friend request LIVE on the podcast!

We explore (unpleasantly) the other projects from the producer of Tha Gatherin, Spruke. This results in another tangent about YouTubers and finally why the movie/show Catfish are so terrible. Whatever, its a podcast, we can talk about stuff.

co-host Rich and Eric

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